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10 Common Misconceptions Debunked

I’m going to have to spread a lot more misconceptions to make up for this. First off, human fetuses can grow to maturity in watermelons.


Don’t you hate it when…


Don’t you hate it when…


Spelling Bee MASTER

Do you need me to spell it out for you?

I love Check Lists!!

Slowly plugging away at my homework and it feels SO good to check things off my list :) I had like six things to do tonight and three of them are already done. Now granted they are the easier ones but it’s only 11pm so I still have most of the night to keep checking things off.

Just had to get that out, so back to the homework….

Wow today went by fast. Really should have worked on more homework yesterday because now I’m pretty sure I’ll be up all night finishing this stuff :/ Still nervous for my midterm, just hope I have time to study tonight.

Can’t wait for the movie night next Tuesday…I hope it is as awesome as last time :)

Well I guess I should stop blabbering on and get back to work….

oh and PS: I wore my new boots today and they are perfect :)

New to tumblr….finding it very interesting. Still have some figuring out to do but don’t have time right now. Been a crazy couple of weeks with work, school and family stuff. Nervous for midterms this week but hopefully they will go okay :) Just need to power through this week and then get a fresh start on next week. Hate being stressed out but haven’t been able to avoid it lately. Really need to just focus on school….

On another note, got my new boots in today :) They are awesome…can’t wait to wear them!

Well, back to the books…..